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Preordering the album

This Has Taken Forever But They're Almost Here!

The deluxe CD with lyrics booklet is almost here. It took longer to manufacture than I thought possible; and then it's taken the longest, strangest route to Skevanston (Oregon to Ohio to Missouri... but I see the shipment is on the way here now from St Louis). If you order it now, barring any further calamity, or a new update that they've arrived six hours away in the wrong direction (again), it will be mailed to you this week.

Coming up
The Big Release Show for Old Sky New at Fitzgerald's Nightclub
Thursday, March 28, 8 PM 
I hope to see you there. The Famous Brothers open the show, then I'll be joined by John Szymanski, Alton Smith, Cathie Van Wert Menard, Chloe F. Orwell, Michael Krayniak, and Jason Batchko. Tickets here. 6615 Roosevelt, Berwyn.

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