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Alton Smith, Rachel Drew, Steve Dawson at The Abbey, August 2015

Photo credit: David Sameshima

Here's a little about me: I am from Chicago, growing up near Diversey and Sheffield. I could hear the Ravenswood El from my bedroom at night, along with the folks spilling out of bars. I have always been hearing music in my head, and have been singing for as long as I can remember. Both my parents are musicians.

Long before I ever played or owned a guitar, I was coming up with melodies. I began writing lyrics to the melodies in 2008, and have now written hundreds of songs. In late 2013, I began playing shows accompanied by Alton Smith, John Mead, or Steve Dawson. In January 2015, we formed Rachel Drew & the Bitter Roots. Gerald Dowd joined us that summer. We recorded the first set of originals with John Abbey in October and November of 2015. This album is called "Under the Sun," and was released February 2016.

I am excited to be involved in a number of other projects. More here...