Photo by Rob Gaczol, 2014

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Daughter of musicians, singer-songwriter Rachel Drew grew up near Diversey and Sheffield in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. She could hear the Ravenswood El from her bedroom at night, along with folks spilling out of bars. She has been making up tunes for as long as she can remember, and began to write lyrics to those melodies back in 2007.  She's now written hundreds of songs.

Her first album of 15 originals, called "Under the Sun," was released in February 2016. She plays solo, duo, and with her originals band, Rachel Drew & the Bitter Roots. The band features Alton Smith on piano, Gerald Dowd on drums, Dave Nelson on guitar, and John Abbey on bass. The sound is a unique mix of mid-60s R&B, early-70s Ronstadt, Roy Orbison, and some classic country. 

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