Peter Joly Group at Fitzgerald's
Tuesday, August 18th, 
7 to 9pm

6615 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn

I've been singing with Peter's band since 2015. We're in the midst of recording his new album. It's going to be a great one. Come hear what we've been up to. With Jon Williams, Josh Piet, and Isaac David Lyons. This will all take place outside at Fitzgerald's. Space is limited. Table reservations here


​8/22: Dowd & Drew Private Rooftop Event

8/23, 6p: Rachel Drew Band at Montrose Saloon Patio

8/30, 4p: Dowd & Drew at The Outtaspace Patio​​

  • I Never Would2:48
  • Moon Song2:07
  • I Love You, Baby3:24
  • Shoe That Doesn?t Fit2:59
  • Lovely In Her Bones4:22
  • Jealous All The Time2:34
  • The Bed In Which You Grow2:21
  • Beekeeper3:23
  • I Wait For You3:50
  • I Wish I Was The Snow2:47

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