• I Never Would2:48
  • Moon Song2:07
  • I Love You, Baby3:24
  • Shoe That Doesn?t Fit2:59
  • Lovely In Her Bones4:22
  • Jealous All The Time2:34
  • The Bed In Which You Grow2:21
  • Beekeeper3:23
  • I Wait For You3:50
  • I Wish I Was The Snow2:47

Photo by David Kindler, 2019

Photo by David Kindler, 2019

Coming Up Soon​​​​

  • Saturday, June 22, 8pm
    ​Dowd & Drew at CHIMERA LOFT in Evanston
    ​<<More Info>>
  • Wednesday, June 26, 8pm
    Singing with The Imperial Sound at EVANSTON SPACE
    <<More Info>>
  • Friday, June 26, 9pm
    Singing long set with The Imperial Sound at HERITAGE FEST in MACOMB, IL
    <<More Info>>

  • Thursday, ​July 11, 8pm
    Rachel Drew w/ Scott Tipping at FRIENDLY TAP in Berwyn
    <<More Info>>
  • Thursday, July 18, 7:30pm
    WALKER HOUSE CONCERT: Peter Joly, Jon Williams, and me in-the-round...really looking forward to this one. Details and invite to follow.

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